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CSS Computer Finance commenced as a specialist technology finance business in 1978 and operated as a partnership until the company was subsequently incorporated in 1984.

In addition to finance for computer systems, hardware software and services, we specialise in software and services only transactions. CSS Computer Finance will also fund printing and medical equipment and other areas where computer technology is is involved i.e manufacturing. We have also developed our own documentation specifically tailored for computer applications providing maximum flexibility, obsolescence protection and taxation benefits for tax paying entities. We also finance fitouts for professional firms.

Our client list is comprehensive and ranges from government (state & federal) statutory authorities, through to companies in the top 500 list, including; major financial institutions, leading accountancy & legal practices, medical services providers, large private and public companies both local and internationally owned, as well as numerous smaller entities.

CSS Computer Finance can offer and provide any type of conventional financing for it’s clients however most of our work is provided via our flagship product – the Computer Purchase Plan (CPP) and other specialised IT funding documentation.