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Software Finance Plan


CSS Computer Finance has recently developed a new product, one that combines
many of the features of the CPP with those of operating leases/rentals,
this combination removes the constraints previously seen as a draw
back in operating lease rentals. There is no longer any
uncertainty about costs, nor the problem of obsolescence and / or flexibility
coming at unfair costs. Our TFP enables the client to
walk away from obsolescence, manage and control their computer
installation with an asset management facility (on $1.0 million
plus transactions) – yet our TFP still allows the client to
claim all of the expense components of this transaction upfront,
in the year in which the transaction was commenced.

(Recommended. The Technology Finance Plan provides the
lowest cost of purchase without ownership of hardware to all
entities (both non tax paying and tax paying entities) – it
is more cost effective than all other options discussed -
if ownership is not required, ideal for technology sensitive