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Computer Purchase Plan


CSS Computer Finance, via its flagship product provides a specialised market
accepted financial structure for a total computerised solution
(even software only transactions) and there exists no means
that an organisation can obtain a more effective financing
solution for such a purchase. This is an “on balance
sheet” product enabling the legal funding of all components
of a computer installation. This product maximises taxation
benefits and is fully compliant with software licensing requirements.

Our CPP can be structured over terms ranging up to 7 years
with a residual purchase price as low as $1.00. The CPP
can accommodate the upgradability of hardware and or software. When
compared to any type of leasing, hire purchase, bill line
funding, cash purchase or anything else offered, our CPP will
have a lower cost and offer more flexibility.

(Recommended. For non tax paying entities the CPP provides
the cheapest and most efficient legal means of financing hardware,
software and services computer system. For tax paying
entities the CPP  provides significantly the lowest
cost of purchase and ownership. The Computer Purchase Plan
can even be used for software and services only transactions
of 15,000.00 or more.)