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The combination of Investment Allowance when in use and the Tax benefits associated with some of our products will allow you to WRITE OFF up to 50% of the purchase price this financial year.

Once again low interest rates enable us to offer for example:

Cars and Light Commercials (up to 2 years old) from 7.45% with a simple application and the GST available as up front deductions and same day approval (same day approval for amounts up to $60,000.00)

New plant & equipment from 7.95% with a standard application for amounts of $150,000.00 or more and still be entitled to the GST available as up front deductions.

Operating leases on any Hardware, equipment & even – software and services i.e:

  • Laptop Purchases of more than $50,000.00.Rates from 4.10% (depending on term of the rental/operating lease)
  • PCs and other equipment of more than $50,000.00 Rates from 3.5% (depending on term of the rental/operating lease)

******All with a simple one page application and NO NEED FOR DIRECTORS/PARTNERS GUARANTEES (for strong applicants only)

We also offer a Rental product that allow us to offer a slightly higher rate but allow you to negotiate your end of term options (e.g. you may like to keep say 25% of your laptops as spare stock and return only the remainder- we are flexible and always open prepared to customise to meet your requirements ). These varied options may suit your particular requirements.

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